Smashing TV Live: Towards Ethics & Privacy By Default

Smashing TV Live: Towards Ethics & Privacy By Default

Vitaly Friedman

Honesty, humility and authenticity became rarities on the web. Dark patterns are prevailing many of the interfaces we use, and our data is collected, evaluated and handed over to third-parties left and right, often without us noticing at all. To many of our customers it’s not really a big deal — privacy is often seen as a fair price for using all the wonderful free services around us.

However, we might underestimate the value of data we willingly hand over to data-driven companies. And very often, while we mindlessly click away a cookie consent prompt, we are giving away the sense of intimacy. After all, nobody loves to search for shoes one day, and be followed by the same shoes across the entire web over weeks to come.

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Smashing TV: “Towards Privacy By Default”, a conversation, moderated by Vitaly Friedman. With Trine Falbe, Laura Kalbag, Heather Burns, Cennydd Bowles, Stuart Langridge and Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

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In the panel discussion, we look into:

  • How do we deal with advertising, tracking, sensitive data collection and treatment of data?
  • How do we “sell” ethics and privacy to managers and clients?
  • How do we change the culture of dark patterns in our interfaces?
  • How and when do we integrate privacy, ethics, security in our design/dev workflows?
  • How do we maintain privacy and ethics over time?
  • How does GDPR help us shift the culture on the web?

These aren’t easy questions to answer, and we need reliable solutions to make the difference. But we can figure out a way forward, and how to make privacy-aware decisions a default in our design and development work. These are also the questions we explore in our brand-new Smashing Magazine Print. In fact, it’s the magazine that prompted us to run a live session in the first place.

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With Smashing Magazine Print, we want to provide a space for important topics that perhaps have more longevity than what we usually cover online — without running short on practical and actionable insights, of course.

We kick off with a 60-pages issue exploring ethics, privacy and security. We take a closer look at the current state of tracking, advertising, GDPR and privacy law, data protection and addictive interfaces. We explore how we all can integrate privacy-driven decisions into our workflows by default, abandoning dark patterns for good along the way.

And — guess what! — it’s ready now, and it’s shipping worldwide. Download a free PDF preview (3 MB) and get your copy now.

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Rewatch The Recording!

And that’s a wrap! Watch the recording with Trine Falbe, Laura Kalbag, Heather Burns, Cennydd Bowles, Stuart Langridge and Morten Rand-Hendriksen. Also, prepare and post your questions and we’ll bring them up during the discussion as well, of course!

Watch the recording ↬

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